Alpaca Kids Sweaters : Alpaca Fashion for Kids & Babies

Alpaca Kids Sweaters are adorable, ready to wear, easy to wash and durable.

alpaca kids sweater

There used to be a time when I didn’t always trust Chris G’s buying instincts. She would say, “We need to buy this (insert item). Our people will love it.” And I would scoff at her. “No way that anyone is buying that and especially not us!”

Turns out, she was mostly right and I did all that scoffing for nothing. There have been a few things, like the all fur alpaca hat, that didn’t go over well, but for the most part she’s been dead on.


These Alpaca Kids Sweaters are one of the things she got right from the start.


Our Alpaca Kids Sweaters are one of our alpaca-themed items. This means they boast adorable alpacas, but have very little alpaca content. These sweaters are made with acrylic so they are easily washed and dried, but they have wool hand embroidery as well as alpaca themed scenery. Each and every sweater is a one of a kind creation. Colors and scenes all vary.

alpaca kids sweater

My kids have had these alpaca kids sweaters since we got them and I can tell you from first hand experience, they last a long time. They are the kind of quality Shabby expects. My son (pictured above in the brown- isn’t he CUTE??) is everything people imagine boys to be, but mostly- he’s dirty. And his clothes get dirty. But because these sweaters wash up so beautifully, he’s had his forever. They seem to last about two years if you size up when you purchase (see size guide below). However, they are still something you can pass down to the next child. After Avett has out grown his,  I send them to my friends and get a new one that fits!

alpaca kids sweater


This classic Kids Alpaca Jacket is sure to win the day with lots of compliments and a warm kid.

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