Alpaca Fiber Filled Bird Nest Building Balls

One of our favorite spring items is our alpaca filled bird nesting balls. These 6″ vine balls are filled with warm and quick drying alpaca fiber. Hang one outside wherever you see birds, so that mama and papa bird can collect the warm fiber to build their nests. Little chicks will love to be surrounded by the fluffy alpaca fiber. Alpaca fiber is lightweight, warm, 100% natural and an excellent insulator. Alpaca fiber wicks away moisture and dries quickly so that the nest for baby birds will stay dry.

These bird nesting balls are handcrafted in Castle Rock, Colorado with alpaca fiber from local Colorado alpaca farms. Our bird nesting ball comes strung on a hemp cord so you can hang the ball wherever you see birds gathering- near a feeder or a popular bush.

If you get lucky, you may even find a nest that has been padded with the soft, natural fiber you left outside.

Bird lovers, bird watchers and birders of all types will love this special gift!

alpaca fiber bird nesting ball

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