2016 Alpaca Fall Fashion Collections: Luxe & Classic

2016 Alpaca Fall Fashion

This year we are introducing two new alpaca collections: Luxe and Classic. We’ll be sharing our favorites from each collection on the blog in the next few weeks, but before we do, we wanted to share with you the difference between the collections so you know what to expect from each collection. Both collections feature a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability. We have curated these items just for you and we know you will love them!

Alpaca Fall Fashion

With the 2016 Luxe Collection, you’ll find all of our finest and most luxurious alpaca garments. The Luxe Collection includes alpaca fall fashion items that have the highest alpaca content (usually over 70%). This collection contains items that are usually made from Baby Alpaca or Royal Baby Alpaca (this does not indicate the age of the animal, it indicates the quality of the fiber and can come from any age or sex alpaca). Many of the items in our Luxe Collection are made of 100% alpaca and are new releases for the 2016 Fall/Winter season.

These alpaca garments in our Luxe Collection are created to last forever. Even after many wears they will look like new. The items in this collection are truly unique. When you purchase a garment from our Luxe Collection you are buying a high quality garment that that is both fashion-forward and totally timeless.

We believe that you get what you pay for and with the items in our Luxe Collection, that is absolutely true. If you purchase items from our Luxe Collection, you will be buying something that will last forever. BUT, we’re warning you now, items in our Luxe Collection are available in very limited quantities! We know our customers who purchase items from the Luxe Collection curate a wardrobe that is quality and one of a kind, so we only have a few of each item to satisfy your desire to own fewer garments that are high quality and unique.

Classic Collection

Alpaca Fall Fashion

In the 2016 Classic Collection, you’ll find alpaca fall fashion garments and accessories that have a bit of a lower alpaca content than those in our Luxe Collection. These items are usually made from 50% alpaca or a little bit less. Our Classic Collection was curated for buyers of every budget because we love alpaca garments and we want everyone to be able to own something made from alpaca.

In the Classic Collection, you will find some of our old favorites along with some new favorites: socks, jackets, stuffed animals, blankets and belts. Some items in the Classic Collection are items we have been carrying for a while and some are new releases for 2016. At shows and markets you’ll see some old favorites and some new finds.

In the Classic Collection, we’ve still curated goods that are built to last. As you may already know Shabby has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our items. In the Classic Collection, we’re still offering quality garments, but they are priced for every consumer. You’ll find items that are usually listed on our website.  We have more  inventory of our Classic items because they are customer favorites and we see you coming back for more and more!


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