Alpaca Cape Sweater: A Garment for Lots of Shapes and Sizes

alpaca cape sweater


This beautiful Three Button Alpaca Cape Sweater is one of our best selling alpaca blend garments.

Although it is a one-size-fits-all garment, this Alpaca Cape Sweater flattering on so many shapes and sizes. It’s half-length angel wing sleeves make it an excellent transition garment for those in-between seasons. The banded sleeves and fun pattern make this sweater easily a casual or a dressy garment. The collar stands up and there is a third button to keep the collar closed if it is super cold.


My friend purchased one of these sweaters at an event recently and then wore it to her family photo session. The color and shape look so good on her! We’ve had women up to a size 14 purchase these sweaters and it seriously looks great on everyone. Wear long sleeves underneath or even a tank top if it is going to be a warmer day and you are ready for anything the weather has to offer.


This garment is made in Peru and is an alpaca blend garment.

Care: Spot clean first and wash infrequently (washing outer garments is not necessary on a regular basis). Machine wash gentle cold and line dry or dry clean. Never use hot water.

Available in six colors!alpaca cape sweater

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