Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball: Alpaca Fiber For the Birds

alpaca fiber bird nesting ball

Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball

Feeding and caring for the birds is so much fun! We have a couple of feeders in our yard and aside from pesky squirrels, having feeders brings us so much joy. We love watching the yard for new birds and the kids get so excited when they see a bird at the feeder. Our Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball adds to the excitement. Birds are attracted to the natural-smelling fiber and the grapevine ball makes it easy for them to obtain the fiber inside.

Welcome Spring with this awesome Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball!


alpaca fiber bird nesting ball
A 6″ grapevine ball is jam packed with all natural alpaca fiber. Alpaca fiber is light weight, wicks away moisture, and is very warm, making it an excellent nest filler.

Mama bird will come and take fiber from the ball to pad her nest and keep her chicks warm and dry.


alpaca fiber bird nesting ball


Comes with natural fiber string to hang. Hang in your yard wherever you have feeders or other items birds love- adjust length of string as needed.

Alpaca fiber is an excellent nest filler and birds know that. It is light-weight and easy for them to carry home.



alpaca fiber bird nesting ball


This fiber filled ball makes a great gift for housewarming or for any bird lover in your life.

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