Colorado Springs Airbnb Project : The Alpaca Cottage

The second house Andy and I bought together was a little duplex on the south side of Downtown Colorado Springs.
We lived there for several years in the upper unit and rented out the lower unit. While we were there, we did a few small things like paint, but we made almost no investment in the property. We moved out 6 or 7 years ago and were able to keep the house and rent out both units. With a little luck, we have had only one upstairs tenant who has lived in the house since we moved. When she moved out, we knew we would need to update the house and planned accordingly.

As we were renovating, I came up with the crazy (?) idea to turn it into an Airbnb property on the upper unit and continue to rent the lower unit.

Since everyone loves a before and after- here are the photos of the house before we started our work. I should note, these photos are from when Andy and I lived there, so like everywhere I live, the home was cute and cozy.


Andy and Vaughn did most of the work on this update, but you can bet I’ve had my fair share of painting and shop vacc’ing for the past two months. When I say we renovated, I want to be clear that the only thing that escaped renovation is that beautiful petrified wood fireplace. Everything- doors, windows, paint, kitchen, bathroom, floors- everything – has been renovated.


My goal with decorating and the renovations was to open it up and make it light and airy. We paintedeverything a creamy white color and painted all the trim and ceilings bright white. We took out doors where we could and took down a small wall that opened the kitchen and living room up.

When decorating, alpaca was a natural choice. I furnished the house with a beautiful selection of “borrow or buy” alpaca products from blankets to sweaters, everything is cozy and ready for our guests to use or take home. We’ve been curating alpaca ‘stuff’ for a while, so we found some adorable alpaca/llama touches and put them all around.


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If you or anyone you know might be interested in booking this Colorado Springs Airbnb, please pass along our listing! We’d love to offer a special price break for all of our Shabby Alpaca friends!

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