Meet Shabby
Chris Gray & Celina Baldwin

Chris Gray and Celina Baldwin are the mother-daughter duo behind Shabby Alpaca. From Polaroids to prom dresses, these two have seen a lot together.

Chris has spent the last 13 years raising alpacas and managing large alpaca farms through the northeastern United States. When Celina, living in Colorado, suddenly had three children in nine months (two by adoption and one by birth-SURPRISE!), Chris knew it was time to retire from the alpaca lifestyle and head out west again. Once they were living in the same town, they decided to pursue their long-time dream of owning a business together and Shabby Alpaca was born!

Chris and Celina share a love of alpaca product [obviously], family, Colorado, dark chocolate (never white!), coffee and a good laugh. They are both concerned with how old their necks make them look. They share an inability to apply make up correctly, crooked- but not too crooked- teeth and a short waist.

Chris and Celina combine a seasoned knowledge of alpaca farming, retail experience, creativity and a knack for sourcing alpaca goods from around the world. From socks made in the USA to amazing throw blankets crafted in Peru, this team brings uniquely curated goods to you. With a passion for quality and love for fun, this mother-daughter duo is all about bringing their customers surprising goods and a joyful and fun shopping experience.