2016 Luxe Collection: Men’s Alpaca Sweater

From the 2016 Shabby Alpaca Luxe Collection, we’d like to introduce our favorite men’s alpaca sweater.

It’s kind of hard to brag on our products online because with alpaca, the very best thing to do is feel them and then you will fall in love! When you feel the difference between a baby alpaca sweater and an alpaca blend- you’ll know. And when you feel a baby alpaca sweater and a wool sweater- you’ll really know! Anyway, I’ll do my best to tell you about our awesome men’s alpaca sweater, but trust me- you need to come check it out for yourself. And you probably need to come soon, because as with everything in our 2016 Lux Collection- it’s all small batch– meaning, we didn’t buy a hundred of them. We have limited availability on all of our Luxe Collection items! Lucky for you, because this also means, you’ll be a stand out with a quality garment that no one else has.

Anyway, about the sweater. This half zip, pullover sweater is casual yet classy. From the minute you see it, you will know it is a quality garment. Here at Shabby, we are all about quality. We guarantee all of our products, so we don’t sell apparel that won’t last you for years. The half-zip lets you keep warm or cool down depending on how you feel. The collar, cuffs and waistband have contrasting stitching. Made with 100% Baby Alpaca, this sweater is top quality. Baby alpaca is both warm and breathable so this sweater makes a great outdoor garment for cool days or layer for cold days.

baby alpaca mens sweatermens alpaca sweater

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